Fair Play:
  • All participants must adhere to fair and ethical trading practices.
  • Any form of cheating, manipulation is strictly prohibited.
  1. How to participate:
    1. To participate in the trading challenge, please go to lynex.mc2.fi, click on join the challenge, set up your account and configure your strategy. Once you submit your strategy to the trading challenge, it will appear on the leaderboard. After that, you may trade (swap) tokens, but not add more capital.
    2. Here’s a step-by-step guide for a detailed, step-by-step process for participating in the trading challenge.
  1. Start and End Date:
    1. The trading challenge will run from April 12, 2024 till May 3rd 2024, 10PM CET. This will give traders a 3-week window to battle it out and prove their mettle.
  1. Account Limits:
      • Create as many accounts as you want - but rest assured that our reputation favours trust building over time, therefore we suggest make one, stick to it, and show progress.
      • Feel free to join multiple trading challenges at the same time with the same strategy.
  1. Starting Capital:
      • Start your strategies with as much capital you prefer - but never drop new tokens to your wallet during the trading challenge, as this can lead to disqualification. To be clear, you cannot add new tokens, just swap existing ones.
      • We know that starting with a higher capital reduces the impact of fees on your trades - in a future version we maybe calculate them out.
  1. Bots, AI’s and Robo-Advisors
      • Feel free to use any system to improve your strategy, as long as the result are spot-trades inside of your wallet.
      • Be transparent - this creates trust with your community. If you use an automated system, tell so in your strategy description.
      • If you are using fully automated systems, but do not disclose these, this can lead to disqualification.
  1. Trading Instruments:
      • Currently we support Ethereum and BSC chains, and only spot trading. We continue to work intensively and extend our capability to other chains and assets in the future.
      • If you interact with other protocols than spot DEXs, this can lead to disqualification.
      • You can find a full list of tokens here:
  1. Duration:
      • The trading challenge starts on April 12th 2024 at 10 PM CET and ends on May 3rd 10 PM CET.
      • Only performance during this timeframe will be counted.
      • You can join the trading challenge at any time. However, remember that performance will be tracked from the time that the strategy was published on the MC2 Finance platform.
  1. Prizes and Rewards:
      • Prizes will be awarded based on the total Return on Investment (ROI %) earned during the trading challenge. Remember, it doesn't matter the amount of money in your account, only the percentage return on investment at the conclusion of the trading challenge.
      • Winners of the trading challenge can win up to $5,000 worth of MC² Fi and Lynex tokens, gain early access to product launches,, and special POAPs from MC² Finance. The conditions below apply:
        • <100 participants = $2000 Prize pool >100<250 participants = $3500 Prize pool >=250 participants = $5000 Prize pool
      • The prize structure is as follows:
        • 1st Place: 30% of the Prize Pool
        • 2nd Place: 15% of Prize Pool
        • 3rd Place: 10% of Prize Pool
        • 4th Place: 7.5% of Prize Pool
        • 5th Place: 5% of Prize Pool
        • 6th - 18th: 2.5% of Prize Pool
  1. Communication:
      • Please ask in the communities if you have questions.
  1. Dispute Resolution:
      • In the event of any disputes or disagreements, the decision of the trading challenge organizers will be final.
      • All participants must accept and abide by the trading challenge rules and decisions.
  1. Code of Conduct:
      • Participants are expected to maintain a respectful and professional demeanor in all interactions related to the trading challenge
      • Any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  1. Rule Modifications:
      • The trading challenge organizers reserve the right to modify the rules or introduce new rules if necessary, with prior notice to participants.