Community Guidelines

We are excited to have you join our growing family of DeFi enthusiasts, DEX users, and crypto wealth management experts. Our community's success depends on the positive contributions and interactions of our members. To ensure a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment, we have established the following guidelines. Please take a moment to review them and help us maintain a thriving and supportive community.

Be respectful and courteous

Treat all community members with respect and courtesy. We value diverse perspectives and encourage open discussions, but please refrain from using offensive language, personal attacks, or engaging in any form of harassment. Remember that behind every username is a real person with feelings and emotions.

Stay on topic

Our community focuses on MC² Finance, DeFi, DEXs, and crypto wealth management. Please keep your discussions, questions, and comments relevant to these topics. Off-topic conversations can be distracting and may prevent members from finding the information they need.

Promote positivity about the brand

When discussing MC² Finance, focus on the positive aspects and share your enthusiasm for the brand. Highlighting the benefits and unique features of our platform helps create a supportive environment and encourages others to explore MC² Finance.

AI-generated content is welcome, but creativity is key

We encourage the use of AI-generated content, but it's essential that your submissions are creative and unique. Generic or uncreative AI-generated content will not be eligible for points and benefits. Strive to add your personal touch and ensure your contributions stand out.

Critique the segment, not specific brands

If you have concerns or criticisms about the industry, express them in a general manner without targeting specific brands. This approach fosters constructive discussions and helps maintain a respectful atmosphere within the community.

Protect your privacy and the privacy of others

Never share personal or sensitive information about yourself or others in the community. This includes but is not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers, and private messages. If you need to share private information with a community member, please do so through direct messages or other secure channels.

No spam or self-promotion

Please refrain from posting spam, unsolicited advertisements, or excessive self-promotion. While we encourage members to share their projects and achievements, excessive promotion can detract from the overall community experience.

No financial advice

While our community focuses on DeFi and crypto wealth management, please avoid giving or soliciting specific financial advice. Sharing general knowledge and experiences is encouraged, but remember that each person's financial situation is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Report inappropriate content

If you encounter content or behavior that violates these guidelines, please report it to our moderators. They will review the situation and take appropriate action. Do not engage in public arguments or retaliation, as this may exacerbate the situation.

Follow platform-specific rules

In addition to these guidelines, please adhere to the rules and terms of service of the platform you are using (e.g., Twitter, Telegram, Medium, or YouTube). Violating platform-specific rules may result in penalties or removal from the platform.

No use of bots or bot networks

Do not use bots or bot networks to complete challenges or artificially boost your engagement. Our goal is to foster genuine interactions and organic growth within the community. Using bots undermines this objective and may result in disqualification from challenges or removal from the community.

Be supportive and help fellow community members

Offer assistance and guidance to your fellow community members whenever possible. By helping each other, we create a stronger, more collaborative community where everyone can learn, grow, and succeed together. Your support and encouragement can make a significant difference to others.


By following these community guidelines, you help create a positive and engaging environment for all MC² Finance community members. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your contributions. Together, we can build a thriving community that supports the growth and success of MC² Finance and its members.
Thank you for being a part of the MC² Finance community!

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