Competition Rules

Guidelines for the Alpha Beat strategy competition

Participation in our competitions is open to all individuals. Each competition is governed by the following rules, and any violation of these rules will result in immediate disqualification of participants.
  1. Fair Play:
      • All participants must adhere to fair and ethical trading practices.
      • Any form of cheating, manipulation is strictly prohibited.
  1. Account Limits:
      • Create as many accounts as you want - but rest assured that our reputation favours trust building over time, therefore we suggest make one, stick to it, and show progress.
      • Feel free to join multiple competitions at the same time with the same strategy.
  1. Starting Capital:
      • Start your strategies with as much capital you prefer - but never drop new tokens to your wallet during the competition, as this can lead to disqualification. To be clear, you cannot add new tokens, just swap existing ones.
      • We know that starting with a higher capital reduces the impact of fees on your trades - in a future version we maybe calculate them out.
  1. Bots, AI’s and Robo-Advisors
      • Feel free to use any system to improve your strategy, as long as the result are spot-trades inside of your wallet.
      • Be transparent - this creates trust with your community. If you use an automated system, tell so in your strategy description.
      • If you are using fully automated systems, but do not disclose these, this can lead to disqualification.
  1. Trading Instruments:
      • Currently we support Ethereum and BSC chains, and only spot trading. We continue to work intensively and extend our capability to other chains and assets in the future.
      • If you interact with other protocols than spot DEXs, this can lead to disqualification.
  1. Duration:
      • The competition will have a specified start and end date.
      • Only performance during this timeframe will be counted.
      • You can join late, if your strategy existed already on our platform, we will calculate the performance since the start of the competition. If its a new strategy, then its calculated from the creation of the strategy.
  1. Prizes and Rewards:
      • Prizes will be awarded based on predefined criteria from the partner, such as highest returns, most consistent performance, etc.
      • The prize structure will be communicated to participants in advance.
      • All prizes are on the discretion of the partners. There is no guarantee for a prize.
  1. Communication:
      • Please ask in the communities if you have questions.
  1. Dispute Resolution:
      • In the event of any disputes or disagreements, the decision of the competition organizers will be final.
      • All participants must accept and abide by the competition rules and decisions.
  1. Code of Conduct:
      • Participants are expected to maintain a respectful and professional demeanour in all interactions related to the competition.
      • Any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  1. Rule Modifications:
      • The competition organizers reserve the right to modify the rules or introduce new rules if necessary, with prior notice to participants.