Welcome to the MC² Finance community, where DeFi enthusiasts, DEX users, and crypto wealth management experts come together to learn, share, and grow. Our community spans across multiple platforms, allowing you to engage with like-minded individuals, stay up-to-date with the latest news, and participate in exciting events and challenges. This page provides an overview of our community platforms, along with links to help you join and get involved.


Our Twitter page is the go-to place for the latest updates, announcements, and insights from MC² Finance. Follow us to stay informed about new features, partnerships, and opportunities. Engage with fellow community members by participating in discussions, sharing your thoughts, and taking part in Twitter-exclusive quests.


Join our Telegram group to connect with other MC² Finance community members in real-time. This is the perfect place to ask questions, share your experiences, and discuss all things related to DeFi, DEXs, and crypto wealth management. Our Telegram group also hosts exclusive events, such as trivia nights and quizzes.


Zealy is our community platform of choice for hosting quests, challenges, and events. By participating in these activities, you can earn points, climb the leaderboard, and receive special status within the community. Zealy offers a fun and engaging way to learn more about MC² Finance while connecting with fellow community members.

Ambassador Program

Users who are active on Zealy and inside the community are then invited to join our Ambassador program, where you receive exclusive information, as well as additional rewards.
🧢Ambassador Program

Become an Early Expert or Take an Active Role

If you're passionate about MC² Finance and want to take a more active role in the community or join as an early expert, visit our website to learn more about the opportunities available. By becoming an early expert or taking on a more active role, you can help shape the future of MC² Finance and contribute to the growth of our community.

Become an great content writer

The internet loves content. Social loves content. So we do too. But for content to work well, it should be structured and high quality. For some of the community rewards we require a review and will give you feedback on your structure and where to improve. Only with the best quality, we will both reach our goals. There we made a handy
🍅Content Guide


The MC² Finance community is a vibrant and supportive space for individuals interested in DeFi, DEXs, and crypto wealth management. By joining our community on Twitter, Telegram, and Zealy, you can stay connected, learn from experts, and participate in exciting events and challenges. Don't forget to review our 🦮Community Guidelines to ensure a positive and respectful experience for all members. We look forward to your contributions and can't wait to see you in our community!
🦮Community Guidelines