Elevate Your Protocol with Our Tailored Strategy Competitions

At MC² Finance, we're pioneering the future of digital asset management. Our whitelabel strategy competition offers a unique opportunity for partners to leverage our cutting-edge platform to show proven strategies that resonate with their brand and community. All of this while showing the benefits of your protocol.
Here's what you gain by partnering with us:

Customized To Show your Protocol benefits

  • Tailored Prizes: Attract and motivate participants with customized prizes that reflect your community's interests and values.
  • Protocol Benefits: Highlight top traders using your infrastructure, demonstrating the effectiveness of your protocol to your userbase through on-chain verified success stories.

Customized Brand Experience

  • Whitelabel Portal: Receive a fully customized trading competition portal, designed to match your brand's aesthetics and integrate seamlessly with your social channels.

Enhanced Community Engagement

  • Shared Newsletter Sign-Up: Grow your mailing list with a shared sign-up feature, directly engaging with an audience interested in trading and digital assets.
  • Joint Event Activities: Boost your brand's presence with collaborative events on platforms like Twitter, enhancing community interaction and visibility.

Strategic Marketing Collaboration

  • Media Partner Visibility: Gain exposure through our established media partnerships, including prominent platforms like Cointelegraph.
  • Open API Integrations: Showcase competition leaderboards and results on your platforms with our open API, keeping your community updated and engaged.
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Check out our current live portal at https://alpha.mc2.fi

How It Works

  1. Connect with Us: Reach out to our team to discuss partnership opportunities and how we can align with your goals.
  1. Customization: Work with our designers to create a competition portal that fits your brand identity and clarify potential prize structures and joint marketing activities. We recommend this to be at least 4 weeks before the suggested competition start date.
  1. Announcement: We will announce the competition together, typically in a Twitter space or Discord AMA, immediately starting a “Warm-Up” competition so traders can get settled with the UI and process. This typically is 2 weeks before the competition starts.
  1. Launch: Your custom-branded competition launches, all Strategists from the Warm-up will automatically be transferred to your competition and the system automatically follows their progress and success. Ideally, this is followed by several community activities and quests.
  1. Awards: At the final day, we recommend again to gather your community, celebrate the winners, award the contestants and we can plan when to launch the next one.

Ready to Partner with MC² Finance?

Coming This Summer: Transform Competitions into a Strategy Marketplace

As we continue to innovate at the forefront of digital asset management, MC² Finance is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our Digital Asset Portfolio infrastructure. This powerful addition will enable our existing partners to evolve their trading competitions into a full-fledged strategy marketplace, offering an array of key benefits:

Protocol-Centric Digital Portfolios

  • Showcase Your Protocol: Create Digital Asset based Portfolios that feature and utilize your unique protocol and infrastructure, highlighting the strengths and capabilities of your offerings to a wider audience.

Direct Strategy Backing with Client Custody

  • Empower Your Users: Allow users to directly back the most promising strategies identified through the competitions, while maintaining the core principle of client custody, ensuring trust and autonomy in their investments.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured that all strategies within the marketplace are fully aligned with regulatory requirements, providing a secure and compliant environment for users and partners alike.

Enhanced Monetization Opportunities

  • Revenue Sharing & KOL Affiliates: Benefit from a specialized revenue sharing model and a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) affiliate program, designed to maximize earnings potential for both strategists and partners while fostering community growth.
Stay tuned for more details on this transformative platform feature and get ready to unlock new possibilities for your community and brand.