MC² Finance's native token, $MC2Fi, lies at the heart of our ecosystem, serving as a catalyst for growth of our community.
  • Ticker symbol: $MC2Fi
  • Total token supply: (fixed supply)
  • Chains: Ethereum (core), BSC, Arbitrum, Base
*Note: The token is required for our tokenomics and, therefore will be available on all chains where the full protocol is deployed.

Governance: via $veMC2Fi Tokens

MC² Finance will be a DAO governed by the ve token model leveraging a quadratic voting operational structure. While the core team is governing the early phases of the protocol, operations, and systems are being built toward decentralization.
Top 10 Finalist at Paris Blockchain Week 2024
Top 10 Finalist at Paris Blockchain Week 2024

Token Utility: Driving Ecosystem Engagement and Value

The $MC2Fi token is designed to drive utility within the MC² Finance ecosystem, creating a robust and interconnected network of incentives and benefits for all participants.
1 → Payment Token: All fees generated within the MC² Finance protocol are converted into the $MC2 token. This means that users can conveniently use their preferred stablecoins to interact with the platform, while partners and stakeholders receive their rewards and fees in the form of $MC2 tokens. This mechanism creates a consistent demand for the token, as users continuously generate buying orders through their platform interactions.
2 → Fee Rebates through Token Locking:  To encourage long-term commitment and loyalty, MC² Finance offers users the ability to lock their $MC2 tokens alongside their asset allocations. By doing so, users become eligible for attractive fee rebates, reducing the cost of their investment activities. This feature not only rewards users for their dedication to the platform but also promotes the stability and predictability of the token supply, as locked tokens are removed from circulation for a predetermined period.
3 → Staking on Experts: The $MC2Fi token enables users to stake their tokens on their preferred experts and traders within the MC² Finance ecosystem. By staking, users can earn a share of the fees generated by the experts they support, as well as a portion of the overall protocol fees. This staking mechanism creates a symbiotic relationship between users and experts, as both parties benefit from the success and growth of the platform. Experts, in turn, also receive a share of the protocol fees, incentivizing them to contribute high-quality content, insights, and strategies to the community.
4 → Governance: By locking their $MC2Fi tokens, users can obtain governance tokens, granting them the right to participate in the decision-making processes of the MC² Finance ecosystem. Governance token holders can propose and vote on key protocol upgrades, parameter adjustments, and strategic initiatives, ensuring that the platform remains community-driven and aligned with the interests of its users. This decentralized governance model fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment among token holders, encouraging active participation and long-term commitment to the success of the platform.
These four core utilities of the $MC2 token work in harmony to create a vibrant and self-sustaining ecosystem, where all participants are incentivized to contribute, engage, and benefit from the growth and success of the platform. By aligning the interests of users, experts, partners, and stakeholders, MC² Finance's tokenomics model lays the foundation for a thriving and resilient DeFi community.

Token Distribution

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