Is there an entry fee for the competition?
No. Competitions are completely free.
What are the prizes for the competition winners?
The prizes depend on the partner. Please check
How are winners determined in the competition?
By their total percentual on-chain returns since the competition started, or since they created the strategy, whatever was later.
Can I participate in the competition from any country?
Yes. No limitations.
What resources are available to help me during the competition?
How can I track my performance in the competition?
Sure. Open your strategy page.
What happens if I encounter an issue during the competition?
Write us in the community.
How do I register for the trading competition?
Create an Account on the MC² Finance App, create a Strategy, and then you can join the competition. Check out our Quickstart and Step-By-Step Guide.
Is there a limit on the number of participants in the competition?
Can I use multiple trading accounts to participate in the competition?
Yes. But there is no real benefit. You can create multiple strategies with a single account, and show your progress in creating great strategies. Please make sure you follow the Rules and Terms.
Are there any trading strategies that are not allowed in the competition?
Please make sure to read the Limitations and the Rules.
How will you handle cases of suspected cheating or fraudulent activities?
Please report them to the Ambassador Team in our Community chat.
What happens if there is a technical issue or outage affecting the trading platform during the competition?
As you trade on decentralized Blockchains, there should not be any outages. Our website will calculate the returns normally from the data retrieved from the blockchain.
For any additional questions or support, please write in our community chats. Good luck, and happy trading!