At the epicenter of MC² Finance is our community. Derived from sharing economy marketplace model, the community supports the growth and scalability of the platform. Towards this end, comprehensive community programs and opportunities for thought leadership, knowledge transfer, and participation to contribute services and skills to the evolution of the MC²Fi DAO have been made available and, furthermore, will be consistently evaluated as the complexity of products and services of MC² Finance evolves.

Incentives and dev relations

Community engagement and contributions to the growth and development of MC² Finance are supported by community incentive programs and dev relations. (1) Community Incentives programs reward community scalability and token strategy development. (2) Dev Relations steward MC² Finance community to contribute and meet the platform's goals and objectives. While many programs and campaigns will be made available, the MC² Finance Community Programs entrusts a level of decision-making and building opportunities to this core group of MC² Finance enthusiasts. The program targets KOLS, expert DeFi strategists, and any user who can justify a substantial amplification for spreading MC² Finance’s vision and mission with the greater Web3 community. Additionally, governance voting rights are given to ambassadors, and full-time members of MC² Finance are acquired through the program.

Social impact program

In traditional finance, the best asset strategies are granted to “accredited investors” with a minimum of 1 million$. MC² Finances’ vision is to shift inequity so any user, regardless of purchasing power can participate in earning the yield rewards and build up wealth early. MC² Finance’s Social Impact Program further lowers the participation amounts for Expert Strategies² on the platform by waiving fees for candidates and groups in the program.
For example, active ambassadors, receive the benefit of waived fees for small deposits of less than $100. Upon completing tests on MC² Finance, and achieving the ambassador rank in the Ambassador program, you automatically access the Social Impact Program.
More campaigns and programs will connect to the Social Impact Program as the protocol evolves.

Community partnerships

MC² Finance welcomes partnerships for all levels of the protocol (smart contract, API, widgets) which are fully integrate-able. We are cross-chain and thus, protocol and network agnostic, welcoming partnerships for amplification with communities of all walks of life in both the Web2 and Web3 industry from DEXs, Wallets, DAOs, NFTs, Protocols, and Dapps to Institutional Customers including banks. DEXs
MC² Finance offers community portfolio strategies to DEXs and their customers to invest in. DEXs can define quality criteria, such as minimum reputation requirements and audits thus receiving part of the fees and raising TV & TVL for the strategies.
*An example of MC² Finance achieving community partnerships is through Dev Relations and incentivizing community programs such as the current DEX Partner Program. Chains
Chains increase TV, TVL, and shareable strategies for their KOLs by integrating with MC² Finance. Partnerships increase Users²’ and Experts² access to the diversification of token strategies and chains mutually benefit from the activity.
Experts & Traders
Users² and Experts² are important partners for MC² Finance marketplace. Users² and Experts² make the market through collective knowledge, buying and selling available strategies.
DeFi protocols
Partner protocols MC² Finance partners with to integrate into the marketplace strategies.
As MC² Finances’ community develops thought leadership in DeFi knowledge, providing insights and learning through focused strategies and content sharing to users both within our community and to the greater crypto industry is a fundamental value.