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Welcome to our Shared Space, it’s great to have you here.
To give you a quick introduction to what we’re all about, we are building a non-custodial, multichain, and decentralized, on-chain wealth management platform.
We are early stage, and looking for great partnerships with Chains, DEXs & Traders.

About MC²Fi

📌  What is MC²Fi?
🩺  What can MC²Fi do for me as a crypto user?
🍎 What are MC²Fi's competitive advantages when it comes to crypto wealth management?
🔮 What´s your vision?
🧬 What´s your mission?
🪞Where can i find your Whitepaper?
🎸 WHOM do you help with WHAT and HOW?
☀️ Why now?
🗺 What is your roadmap?


🎨 How can I create MC²Fi branded material?
🗣 How do I pronounce MC²Fi?
🎨 What´s your brand color palette?
👩‍🏫 Media inquiries and PR


🪞What are token portfolio strategies?
🪡 Strategy Followers vs. Social Followers?
🪅 Is MC²Fi non-custodial?
🪄 Is MC²Fi fully decentralized?
🗝 How does crosschain trading work?
👛 Do I need to create my own wallet to trade?
♟ Do you support advanced trading strategies like lending?
👌 What DEXs do you support?
📺 Okay, thanks but when can I use it?
🗼What is an MC²Fi Alpha Trader?
❤️ As an Alpha-Trader, what are my benefits?
🎈How can I become an Alpha Trader?

DEX Partnerships

🤝 Do you look for more external partnerships or collaborations?
❤️ As a partner DEX, what are my benefits?
👋 As a DEX, how can I partner with your solution?
🙃 I just partnered, what can I share on socials?

Chain Partnerships

❓How many chains will you build your MVP on?
⛓ What chains are you building on?
💰 What will impact your decision for choosing the other chains?


💪 I like MC²Fi - how can I help?
😎 What is a blurb I can share easily?
🙌 What is an ambassador?
💬 Wen discord?
🎯 How can I submit a referral?


🦸‍♀️ Who is the founding team?
🌀 What is your story?
⚡️ What does the name MC² refer to?
💡How did you come up with the idea for MC²Fi?
⭐ Are you hiring right now?

Investment Round

💌 Where can we find info to invest?


🧫 Terms
🥼 No Financial Advice
🔬 Do Your Own research

Socials & Contact

🌐 Website | 🐦 Twitter | 🌏 Telegram | ✌️ Linkedin
If you’d like to learn more about MC²Fi, note that 🌏 Telegram is our default channel!
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