Ambassador Program

🌟 Welcome Ambassadors! As key players in the MC² Finance ecosystem, our Ambassadors are passionate advocates for DeFi innovation and community growth. If you're enthusiastic about MC² Finance and eager to spread the word, this program is your stage!

Program Overview

What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the bridge between MC² Finance and the wider community. They are:
  • Advocates: Promote MC² Finance's vision and products.
  • Educators: Share knowledge and foster learning within the community.
  • Leaders: Inspire others and represent MC² Finance at events and in online forums.

Why Join?

  • Exclusive Early Access: Get sneak peeks at new features and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Rewards: Enjoy rewards and incentives for your efforts and contributions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and like-minded enthusiasts.

Becoming an Ambassador

What We Look For

  • Community Spirit: You're active, engaged, and embody our core values.
  • Passion for DeFi: You have a genuine interest in decentralized finance and technology.
  • Social Influence: You have a presence on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Telegram.

What Is Expected Of You

All ambassadors must create a strategy on MC² Finance, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the platform and its functionality and can support fellow community members.
1️⃣ Join Zealy
Engage & earn 1000 points via Zealy quests.
2️⃣ Create a strategy
Create at least one strategy on MC² Finance & provide feedback.
3️⃣ Refer talent
Introduce new traders and ambassadors to MC² Finance's platform.
💬 Note to Ambassadors: Our main goal is to attract high-performing traders to MC² Finance. While we have allocated separate reward pools for quality content and successful Ambassador referrals, finding skilled traders remains our focus.