Navigating MC² Finance

Setting Up Your Strategy Wallets on MC² Finance

When engaging with MC² Finance, it's essential to organize your wallets to manage your investment strategies. To effectively engage with MC² Finance, you'll begin by setting up a primary wallet, which serves as your unique registration and login credential—essentially, your identity within the platform. For each investment strategy you develop, you will then create a separate wallet. These additional wallets are exclusively linked to individual strategies, ensuring that each strategy's portfolios and transactions are neatly organized and easily managed.

Primary Wallet: Your Crypto Identity

Your primary wallet is your main point of on-chain verification, it should be used to log in to MC² Finance. It's also the wallet that you would use to log in to various platforms, including Zealy, Degen Score, and others where you've built your on-chain history. This wallet is essentially your identity in the DeFi space, reflecting your transactions and interactions, a proof of history.

Secondary Wallets: Strategy-Specific

For each investment strategy you create on MC² Finance, it's necessary to use a separate wallet. This strategy wallet has a singular purpose: to showcase and manage the assets and trades of that particular strategy. Naming these wallets after the strategies they represent can help you stay organized and ensure they are easily identifiable.
By managing the assets and trades specific to your strategy within these wallets, you create a verifiable track record that is openly accessible and auditable on the blockchain. Thats why we recommend that you also mirror this naming convention in your wallets such as MetaMask, to ensure consistency. This practice not only helps you keep your investment strategies neatly organized but also reinforces the credibility of your on-chain performance, making it easier for others to recognize and trust in the alpha you bring to the platform.

Choosing a Blockchain

For the current competitions and the MVP phase, we suggest using the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC is known for its lower gas fees, making it a cost-effective choice for executing trades, especially when you're starting with a smaller balance. We’re already built on Ethereum and are actively building to operate on multiple chains.

Funding Your Strategy

You can begin your strategy with any amount, even as little as $5. However, remember that the percentage impact of gas fees is higher on smaller balances. It's about finding a balance between the funds you're willing to commit and the costs of operating your strategy.
Additionally, it's crucial to note that the control over your wallet and the funds within it remains exclusively yours at all times. MC² Finance never has access to your private keys, ensuring that you retain full ownership and security of your assets. This autonomy allows you to seamlessly repurpose your funds after a competition concludes, whether that means participating in the next challenge or transferring your assets elsewhere according to your investment goals.