Product Roadmap


MC² Finance is building the next-generation infrastructure and application layer to power a multi-sided marketplace for digital asset funds.

Vision and Goals:

Create an ecosystem, where professional crypto traders, their financial backers and the community all come together to earn, learn and build a community around crypto trading

Current Market Dynamics

The process of creating and buying crypto trading products is broken. Expert traders and institutions on X, Telegram, and Discord create ad hoc trading strategies for a limited audience.
Backers then have to manually recreate these strategies using third-party applications (Exchanges, Wallets, etc.) each with a manual process and an individual fee structure.
Both traders and backers are disadvantaged in this dynamic. Backers expose their capital to a variety of risks, while traders struggle to establish credibility and monetize their efforts toward creating successful strategies.


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Status Key:
  • Completed (Green): Features that are fully developed and operational.
  • In Progress (Orange): Features that are currently under development.
  • Planned (Blue): Features that are in the conceptual phase and slated for future development.
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Section: Community Engagement and Development
Our aim is to cultivate a fun, joyful, and ethically-driven community with a focus on transparency in on-chain activities.
Product Lines
  • Communicate: Enabling users to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Community: Launching features to create and build communities trading communities
  • Interact: Creating a social layer that ties together actions and conversations.
Version 1 (V1)
  • Claps: Introduced a feature to applaud valuable community contributions.
  • Comments: Enabled users to comment on trading actions, awards, and posts, fostering a dialogue-centric community.
  • User-Controlled Telegram Communities: User-owned communities powered by MC2 Finance for customised user experiences.
  • Basic Posts: Allowed users to create posts, laying the groundwork for content sharing and community building.
Version 2 (V2) - Enhancing Interactions:
  • Share: Share content you like. Promote traders and their strategies with the wider community. Aimed at enhancing content sharing capabilities across the platform.
  • On-platform Community: Developing an integrated community environment within the platform. Bringing conversations from TG and Discord to one place
  • Events and Recognition: Implementing events and a reward system to acknowledge the best traders and active community members.
  • Long-Form User Content: In the pipeline, planning to support in-depth content creation by users.
Version 3 (V3) - Expanding Community Dimensions:
  • Social Token: A planned feature to introduce a proprietary token that incentivizes and rewards community engagement.
  • Market News and Audits: Upcoming integration of market news and audit reports to aid in informed trading decisions.
  • Token-gated Communities: Envisioning exclusive communities with access gated by token ownership, promoting a sense of exclusivity and value within the platform.
Our roadmap reflects our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and interactive experience for our users, where community engagement is rewarded, and ethical trading practices are at the forefront of our platform's ethos.


Our roadmap is designed to progressively enhance the trading experience by introducing sophisticated tools and features. From fostering a competitive environment for strategy creation to ensuring the highest standards of performance verification, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive trading platform that stands at the forefront of innovation in the crypto market.
Roadmap Overview:
The trade section of our roadmap outlines our vision to create, discover, and invest in the best crypto trading strategies. We aim to empower traders with tools and features that enhance their trading experience, providing avenues for innovation and investment in the crypto space.
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  • Discover: Onboard the best traders and strategies on the platform
  • Chains: Onboard the best multi-chain and cross chain strategies.
  • Replicate: Follow the best traders and invest in winning trading strategies
  • Assets (Primitives): Trade across a variety of different asset classes and derivative products
  • Performance: Verified on-chain trades to get you the most authentic results and performance.
  • Reputation: Build trust and respect in the community. Invest with traders that are in it for the long haul.
  • Execute: Best in class user experience. Seamlessly create strategies and trade tokens.
Version 1 (V1) - Building the Core:
  • Discover: Launch the "Alphabeat Competitions" with Cointelegraph to spur innovation and discover new strategies.
  • Chains: Focused on a "Single Chain - BSC (Binance Smart Chain)" to optimize our initial offerings for Gas Fee
  • Replicate: Offered "Subscribe to Strategy Updates" for users to follow and replicate successful strategies right in their Telegram.
  • Assets (Primitives): Introduced "Spot" trading, establishing the most basic of trading primitives.
  • Performance: Making the foundation strong with "On-chain Verification" to ensure transparency and trust in performance metrics.
  • Reputation: Gathered "Performance Data" to build a reputation system based on actual trading results.
  • Execute: Partnered with DEX’s to create strategies and integrate them into the trading hub.
Version 2 (V2) - Expanding Capabilities:
  • Discover: Expand with other partners including: Linea + Mantle
  • Chains: Transitioned to "Multi-chain" support, allowing strategies across different blockchains.
  • Replicate: Upgraded to allow users to "Copy a strategy on-platform," facilitating easier adoption of successful trades.
  • Assets: Enhanced with "Perpetuals + Liquidity Provisioning," increasing the asset classes and trading mechanisms available.
  • Performance: Recognized trading excellence with "NFT Awards," marrying performance with digital collectibles.
  • Reputation: Added "In-Direct Risk + Reputation Data," giving users more information to assess strategies and traders.
  • Execute: Shifted to "On-Platform Execution," streamlining the trade execution process and making the creation of strategies seamless.
Version 3 (V3) - Advanced Integration and Automation:
  • Discover: Introducing white label competitions app. Allowing partners to seamless integrate competitions into their ecosystems and boost usage and engagement.
  • Chains: Looking to implement "Cross-chain" functionality for comprehensive trading across different networks.
  • Replicate: Aiming to introduce "Fully Tokenized Strategies," leveraging the power of tokenization for investing alongside the best traders in the world.
  • Assets: Will integrate "Liquid Staking + Lending + Real World Assets," expanding the depth of the trading ecosystem.
  • Performance: Set to introduce "Verified Streaks," adding an additional layer of performance validation and reward metric.
  • Reputation: Planning to involve "3rd Party Audits" to ensure the highest standards of integrity and trust.


This roadmap demonstrates our commitment to not only providing a platform for trading but also to ensuring that our users are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for insightful analysis and risk management. We believe that an informed trader is an empowered trader, and our roadmap is a reflection of this philosophy.
Roadmap Overview:
Our roadmap's "Insight" section is dedicated to providing analysis and educational resources to users of the MC2 crypto trading platform. This is designed to enhance users' understanding of the crypto market and improve their analytical skills for better investment decisions.
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Product Lines:
  • Analyse: Analyze trading strategies to get a deeper insight and become a better trader
  • Learn: Established foundational educational content to guide new users.
  • Risk: Minimise risk and become a smarter trader
Version 2 (V2) - Foundational Tools:
  • Analyse: Improved analytical tools with the introduction of "Charting" capabilities.
  • Learn: Conducted "Sessions with Expert Traders" to provide live learning experiences.
  • Risk: Developed "Risk Weighting + Alerts" to give users proactive insights into their risk exposure and potential market changes.
Version 3 (V3) - Advanced Analysis and Learning Platforms:
  • Analyse: Introduce "Technical Analysis" features for in-depth market analysis.
  • Learn: Set to launch "Token Gated Courses" for exclusive educational content, accessible via platform-specific tokens.
  • Risk: Aiming to implement "Automated Risk Management" for a more sophisticated and real-time approach to managing trading risks.