Why a Strategy Wallet?

Welcome to MC² Finance! 🎉
Creating your very own crypto strategy is like setting up a virtual garden where your investments can grow. Let's walk you through how to plant your first seeds:

Step 1: Your Main Wallet - Your Home Base 🏠

Think of your main wallet as your home address in the digital world. It's where you connect with us, like shaking hands when we first meet. You'll use this wallet to sign in and say 'hello' to our system.
This is just to verify you actually own your wallet, we will not request any transfer, or access to your assets. We promise to keep your wallet info safe with us.
What to do:

Step 2: Your Strategy Wallet - Your Personal Greenhouse 🌱

Now, imagine you have a special greenhouse where you can experiment with growing different plants. That's your strategy wallet. It's separate from your home base, and it's where you'll show off your green thumb with an token strategy.
Why separate?
  • Safety First: Keeping your strategy wallet separate from your main wallet is like not keeping all your eggs in one basket. It's safer that way.
  • Clarity: It helps you keep track of your strategies without mixing them up with your personal funds.
  • Sharing is Caring: When you're proud of your garden, you'll want to show it to others. This wallet lets you share your strategy with the world while keeping your main wallet private.
What to do:
  • Create a second wallet – this will be your strategy wallet.
  • Use this wallet to simulate and build your investment strategy.

Step 3: Planting Your Strategy Seeds - Let's Get Growing! 🌼

With your strategy wallet ready, it's time to decide what to plant. Will you go for a mix of colorful flowers (diverse coins) or a row of sturdy oaks (stable investments)?
What to do:
  • Decide on the assets (cryptocurrencies) you want to include in your strategy.
  • Swap on any connected chain and DEX you like, to finalize your strategy
  • You can also change your strategy after you add it to a competition.

Step 4: Sharing Your Blooms - Open Your Greenhouse Doors 🚪

Once your strategy is blossoming, it's showtime! Show off your skills and compete with other gardeners for who has the best Alpha!
What to do:
  • Remember: After adding your strategy to a competition, you are still allowed to trade, but not to add additional assets to your wallet - that would be cheating!

Step 5: Watch Your Garden Grow - Track and Tweak 📈

As time goes on, keep an eye on your plants. Some might need more sun; others might need less water. Adjust your strategy as needed to keep your garden thriving.
What to do:
  • Monitor the performance of your strategy.
  • Make changes to your strategy to improve it over time.

Need Help? 🆘

If you ever feel lost in the garden, don't worry! Our community of fellow gardeners (users) and our team are here to help you find your green thumb.