Instant Digital Portfolio Creation

Rapid Deployment, Uncompromised Quality
Our Digital Asset Portfolios Creation feature is not just about speed; it's about a comprehensive solution that doesn't compromise on quality. We provide institutions with the tools to swiftly establish digital funds while ensuring each fund adheres to the rigorous standards expected. This rapid deployment capability allows institutions to capitalize on market opportunities with unprecedented responsiveness.
Reduced Operational Friction
We streamline the Digital Asset Portfolio creation by automating the complex and time-consuming aspects of fund setup. From compliance checks to smart contract deployment, our platform handles the intricacies, allowing institutions to focus on strategy and growth. Directly translating to lower overhead costs and a more efficient allocation of resources.
Customizable Digital Asset Portfolio Structures
For diverse strategies and objectives, MC² Finance offers customizable Digital Asset Portfolios structures. firstly we plan to support a range of DeFi protocols, starting with spot trading, we will then build out support for perpetuals. Whether seeking aggressive growth, capital preservation, or anything in between, our platform provides the flexibility to tailor funds to specific mandates and risk profiles. In addition to the dynamic nature of managed funds, MC² Finance also recognizes the importance of offering static fund options akin to ETFs and index funds. These funds provide a hands-off investment approach, allowing users to invest in a diversified portfolio that tracks selected assets or market indices. By incorporating both managed and static fund structures, MC² Finance empowers investors to choose the level of active involvement they desire, from closely managed strategies to set-and-forget investment vehicles. This dual offering underscores our commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of investment solutions that serve varied preferences.
Transparent and Compliant Framework
Regulatory compliance is non-negotiable. Our on-chain infrastructure is built to facilitate transparent compliance with both local and international regulations, providing a clear audit trail and ensuring that Digital Asset Portfolios operate within the bounds of regulatory frameworks.
Strategic Advantages
Hedge funds benefit from our Instant Digital Asset Portfolios by gaining access to a wider array of digital assets and strategies. The ability to quickly pivot and adapt to changing market conditions is a strategic advantage we offer, ensuring that hedge funds and traders alike remain at the cutting edge of digital asset strategies.
Institutional and Retail Empowerment
Our Instant Digital Asset Portfolio creation is more than a feature - it's a gateway to the future of fund management, where speed, compliance, and strategic flexibility create unparalleled value for both Institutions and Retail.
The average time span for setting up a fund can vary widely based on the type of fund, regulatory environment, and other factors. Many funds can take between 6 to 12 months from the initial planning phase to being ready to accept investment capital.
The process depends on several factors including the type of fund, the jurisdiction in which it is being established, the complexity of the fund's structure, and the regulatory requirements that must be met.
A simplified breakdown of the process and timelines and problem we are trying to solve:
  • Planning Stage: A few weeks to several months
  • Legal Formation: 1 to 6 months
  • Capital Raising: A few months to over a year
  • Operational Setup: A few weeks to a few months
  • Regulatory Approval: A few months to several months
  • Final Preparations: A few weeks to months
While some funds may be established more quickly, particularly if managed by experienced teams with streamlined processes, generally the entire process of setting up a fund can take up to year. As you can see, it’s a long time and lengthy process, with our Digital Asset Portfolios, MC² Finance takes away the complexities because time is money, time is opportunity, time is yours, and the time for value creation is now.