KOL in Residence Program

💬 Kickstart Your Growth with Our KOL in Residence Program!
MC² Finance provides valuable opportunities for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across all levels. If you're a KOL promoting Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or Digital Asset trading, you're in the right place! We offer straightforward co-marketing deals and evaluate engagement metrics for potential tier upgrades.
Join us and grow in this market!

About MC² Finance

MC² Finance is the world’s first fully-compliant, digital asset portfolio creation platform.
MC² Finance is the world’s first fully-compliant, digital asset portfolio creation platform.
With our platform anyone can monetize their trades. Connect your wallet to our protocol at no cost, buy and sell tokens, and when your trades perform, gain visibility on all our the DEXs who have integrated the MC² Finance API. DEX users can then copy your trades in a fully self custodial way. “Like a fund, just not a fund”.
Create your first strategy: App.mc2.fi
Social Metrics (May 25, 2024)
Social Metrics (May 25, 2024)
Twitter: 24K Followers Telegram: 29K Members Discord: 13K Members Zealy: 1.8K Participants

KOL Benefits

Visibility Enhancement
Exclusive Features
Investment Opportunity
What You Can Get:
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Get Followed by @mcsquaredfi
Get Like & Retweeted
Receive likes, comments, and reposts from MC² Finance LinkedIn
Get a task on Zealy to subscribe to your channel.
Get QT-ed with own thoughts by MC²Fi X
Receive likes, comments, and reposts from MC²Fi co-founders on LinkedIn (>30k followers)
Get featured on MC² Finance’s Zealy KOL module
Get exclusive access to our product feature
Get an investment opportunity in KOL Round
Get a token reward for a co-host event

Content We Like

What You Can Do:
🌱 Onboard Tweet Tweet that you have joined the KOL in Residence and tag @mcsquaredfi.
🌱 Strategy Tweet Develop a strategy and encapsulate it in a tweet. Include link to strategy to share on-chain trades!
🌱 Weekly Review Perform a weekly strategy review against market averages and post it on X.
🌱 Youtube Promotion Create a YouTube video review for the MC² Finance product.
🌱 Extended Youtube Promotion Review your strategic plan on YouTube for at least one month.
🌱 LinkedIn Post Compose an engaging review of the MC² Finance Product on LinkedIn.
🌱 Extended LinkedIn Review Compose a month-long strategy review on LinkedIn.
Do - Read our Whitepaper - Spell our name MC² Finance - Tag #MC2Fi ; @mcsquaredfi
Don´t - Spread inaccurate information - Spell our name MC2Finance - Tag #MCsquaredFi

KOL Tier Criteria

💬 Note: Long term partners can be promoted to a higher tier by the team <3
TIER 1 (Top-tier)
X: 50K+ followers Youtube: 25K+ sub LinkedIn: 15K+ sub
TIER 2 (Mid-tier)
X: 10K+ followers Youtube: 5K+ sub LinkedIn: 3K+ sub
TIER 3 (Emerging)
X: 1K+ followers Youtube: 500+ sub LinkedIn: 300+ sub

Some of our KOLs


How to Get Started?

1. Sign up using the Onboarding Form; or contact our team by submitting a ticket in Discord. 2. Read our Whitepaper for more insight. 3. Test our platform app.mc2.fi - learn and trade. 4. Follow our socials and share your first content. 5. After early engagement, we will create a TG chat to further increase our partnership. 6. Share links to your content and grow your social following with us!

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