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Ernest Oppetit

CPO and Co-Founder at Kiln
Ernest Oppetit is currently the CPO and co-founder at Kiln. Prior to this, they were an advisor at Quine from April 2021 to October 2021. Ernest has also held the position of product manager at both Improbable and Qubit. Oppetit started their career as a software team leader at McGill Robotics and then went on to work as a summer analyst at Balderton Capital. Ernest has also worked as a software developer at Atos International.
Ernest Oppetit studied Computer Engineering at McGill University, followed by Engineering Science at Durham University. Ernest then completed a Scientific Baccalauréat with mention Très Bien from Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres. Ernest has also received certification from the Santa Fe Institute in Introduction to Complexity (Online Course).
What we're building at Kiln
Staking is the core mechanism of modern blockchains. It is the act of locking up collateral to earn the right to secure proof of stake blockchains, and earn a yield while doing so. There is no counterparty risk when staking, you are paid by the protocol – block rewards / inflation & a share of transaction fees.
We facilitate this process through four products:
  • Kiln Validators: running the servers which validate transactions on blockchains & propose new blocks, with enterprise-grade SLAs, deployed on our multi-cloud Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Kiln Connect: one SDK to integrate staking, rewards data, and your custodian on all major PoS blockchains
  • Kiln On-chain: smart contracts for seamless ETH staking & automated rewards management
  • Kiln Dashboard: 1-click staking dashboard, administration interface, reporting and data exporting
These products enable institutions to seemlessly stake or whitelabel staking into their products.