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Christoph Richter

Co-founder MC² Finance
Christoph is a serial founder and early supporter of blockchain technology. He is the founder of MC² Finance, a marketplace for non-custodial, cross-chain crypto strategies. As a seasoned developer for over 20 years, Chris specializes in development, such as creating multichain APIs, building communities, such as launching an accelerator for creators, and mentoring over 50 startups on tokenomics. His deep understanding and experience extend to DAOs, DeFi, liquidity, social tokens and DiD.
As an avid learner who pursues his passions with zeal, Chris is a sought-after speaker and has presented at more than 20 conferences and events worldwide, including the European Forum Alpbach, the World Financial Symposium, and Noah conference. He is a fellow of DLD and a mentor at the Impact Hub network, sharing his expertise and knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs.