Flash Accounting

Flash Accounting: Your Personal Ledger
At MC² Finance, we understand the importance of keeping precise track of your assets. That's why we've introduced Flash Accounting, a feature designed to ensure every cent in your strategies is accounted for.
Similar to Uniswap V4's mechanism, Flash Accounting acts as your personal escrow, meticulously recording all transactions and providing a comprehensive ledger of your assets. This feature ensures full transparency and accountability, giving you a clear and accurate view of your asset distribution.
Flash Accounting works hand-in-hand with our Whitelist feature. Only assets transferred from your whitelisted wallets are accounted for in your personal ledger, ensuring security and control over your funds.
With Flash Accounting, you can rest assured that your assets are accurately tracked, securely held, and always under your control. It's another way we're enhancing your crypto trading journey.
Please note, our Flash Accounting feature is currently in its beta phase and is not fully optimized for a multichain experience. If the same account is backing strategies across multiple chains, there may be display issues. We are actively working on enhancing this feature to support multichain operations seamlessly. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to improve your experience on MC² Finance.