Trading Competition Rules


The Trading Competition is to identify the most successful traders and highlight winning strategies. We hope to inspire newer traders to participate in this competition and test their strategies against the best professionals in the world. We want to create a community around the creation and sharing of digital asset trading strategies

Eligibility and Registration

We welcome one and all to our trading tournament. All you have to do is navigate to this link and complete the Registration process.
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To Register, you need a username, email address, and a wallet set up. We accept Meta Mask, Coinbase, WalletConnect, and Trust.
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When a Strategy is submitted to a competition, the investment value of the Strategy is recorded and all performance metrics are calculated based on that initial investment amount. Consequently, if a trader adds more funds to their wallet after submitting a Strategy to a competition, they are automatically disqualified from that competition.
While a trader can make changes to the strategy and configuration of tokens inside the wallet, they cannot add more funds after the strategy has been submitted.

What is a Strategy

A strategy is a series of trades executed through a strategy wallet. The strategy wallet is simply a wallet controlled and owned by the trader. Usually, each strategy follows an investment philosophy that is a reflection of a trader’s expectation of market movements.
To create a strategy, the trader must choose a strategy wallet. This wallet may be the same or different from the wallet they registered with. They need to fund the wallet with the investment amount. Remember that once you submit a strategy to a competition, you cannot add more funds to the wallet. Adding more funds to a wallet that is currently participating in a tournament will result in the automatic disqualification of the trader from that competition.
After funding the wallet, the trader can purchase tokens from any Decentralized exchange of their choosing to form a strategy. The configuration of tokens within the Strategy Wallet is now the Token Strategy. Since we are a non-custodial platform, we do not have access to your wallet at any point. The Strategy can be changed at any time by changing the configuration of Tokens inside the strategy by buying or selling Tokens through any exchange.

How to Create a Strategy

Once a trader registers with MC² Finance, they can log in with their Registration Wallet and access the platform.
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To create a strategy, a Trader needs to input certain information.
Strategy Name: Give your strategy a fun name!
Description/Thesis: Tell us what your strategy intends to do and why you expect it to behave a certain way.
Network: Choose the network where you want to publish your strategy.
Wallet Address: Put in the address of the Strategy Wallet where you have created the Strategy.
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All you need to do now is to confirm the information you entered is correct, agree to our Terms and Conditions, and choose which competition you want to enter the Strategy into.
You can choose to submit your strategy to one or many competitions at the same time.

Supported Tokens

We currently support over 500 tokens. You can find the full list here

Competition Duration

Each competition will last for a specified period of time. The start date and time of the competition and the time to completion will be displayed on the Leaderboard page of each competition.
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Rankings are dynamic and the rank is calculated by comparing the Total Return of all the traders. Total Return is the differential between the original investment and the current value.
For example, if Albert enters the competition with USD 100 on Friday the 13th 2023. Let's say at 2 PM on Saturday, the value of her portfolio is USD 140, and her returns will be the percentage difference between the current total value of Alicia’s portfolio (USD 140) and her original investment i.e. USD 100 or 40% and If the value of Alicia’s portfolio goes down to USD 80, her total return will be -20%.
The Total returns will be calculated up to four places of decimal for calculating ranks. However, we will surface the Total Return on the Leaderboard rounded down to the nearest integer. This return will be calculated in 15-minute intervals and the rank will update automatically to reflect the new Total Return.
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Custody and Compliance

MC² Finance is a Non-custodial, No KYC platform that is compliant with XYZ. We don't ever ask you for the private keys to your wallet.
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