Ambassador Rewards

The MC² Finance Ambassador program is designed to recognize and reward community members who actively support and promote the project. The program has several levels, each with its own requirements and benefits. By participating in the program, ambassadors can earn rewards such as tokens, early access to new content, and exclusive opportunities to interact with the project's core team.

MC² Finance DAO Program

  • Ambassadors can run a DAO or receive support for an existing DAO, with the primary aim of amplifying MC² Finance's core mission of providing expert-guided Web3 wealth management solutions.
  • Please note that all reward tasks mentioned below must adhere to the ambassador code of conduct. Rewards will only be granted if your community engages in ethical and honest activities.
Reward Levels
Expected Activity
• Follow Twitter & Telegram, share a tweet, and fill out a form.
• Invitation to the Ambassador Telegram group • Early information on new content • Access to training material & tests
• Stay active in the community
• Read training material about MC² Finance and its benefits • Need to write at least 1 article • Pass tests • Be active for at least 7 days in the community
• Access to bounties and challenges • Personal contact with the team • Ability to participate in content reward pools • Waiver for strategy-fees below 50$
• Active in the community (5+ tweets or TG messages)
• Active for at least 30 days • Create high-quality content • Awarded by the core team or Elite+ • Waiver for strategy fees below 500$ • Pass Test for content strategy, Design handbook and community standards
• Broader access to project activities • Ability to take over tasks from the core team for rewards • Support in business development for rewards (Intros & community partnerships) • Ability to organize events branded with MC² Finance (twitter spaces, etc) • Ability to apply for joining the private round
• Creates unique content, • Follows standards, • Active in events & community calls.
Active for at least 60 daysShow leadership activities and own community incentivesDedicate time to the project
• Ability to speak for the project as an ambassador • Early and preferred access to project activities • Budget for organizing activities and the ability to assign tasks to other community members
• Actively contributes to community growth, • Constantly creates unique content, • Shows activity and motivates community members
• Long-term members • Show leadership skills and skills in training other community members
• Monthly bonus tokens • Ability to reward other community members with extra tokens
• Dedication to the project, • Takes part in most community calls, • Leads community projects.